The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla

Watch this stunning documentary for free The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla is the in depth study of nikola tesla’s original 700 patents for free energy.

Watch this documentary episode that takes an in-depth look at the information found in recently de-classified government documents. It explores the life of Nikola Tesla with new information that has been sequestered from the public for over sixty years.

The work of Nikola Tesla was seized and classified by the US government and his name scrubbed from US history books despite changing the world forever.

Despite the fact Nikola Tesla was one of it not the greatest inventor that ever lived his named has been scrubbed from grammar school history books.

His inventions, which include alternating current, radio, radar, light, fluorescent bulbs, neon bulbs, x-rays, remote control, the motor, lasers, robotics, wireless communication and wireless transmission of electricity.

Those are just a few of his inventions which include things that could be used for evil purposes as well.

Above all else, he was able to draw electricity from the earth and transmit it through the air to power his devices.

Of course the history books credit most of those inventions to others or just doesn’t even mention them at all.

At the end of his life the US government raided his lab, seized and classified his work.

Of course this doesn’t even do him justice. Watch for yourself.

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  • Riseup

    I had no idea he had 700+ patents… Why do so many people try to copy other people’s work… highly arbitrary phenomena in American Society i think…