John Pilger’s Palestine is still the issue


John Pilger details the war in Palestine through interviews of Palestinian and Israelis. It details the progress of peace and the strategies and policies at work on both sides of the issue. In a land which has been tormented by conflict since the 40’s and 50’s when the state of Israel was officially formed.

This documentary on the Palestine/Israel issue does an amazing job at keeping an objective viewpoint and simply addressing basic human rights questions, such as the right for the Palestinians to not have to endure such a martial law like occupation. Seeking information from both sides of the conflict in the middle east, John Pilger is able to bridge the parallels between the way things are in Israel, and they way they would really like for them to appear to the outside world. The suffering and devastation which is being felt by the Palestinians on behalf of Israel is not a new problem in the human story, but is one which keeps rearing its ugly head time and time again throughout the never ending cascading corridors of history. Palestine is still the issue

————–Palestine is Still the Issue by John Pilger full version

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